We completely understand that your plans may change. You may cancel 7 days prior to a workshop and receive a full refund or workshops credit. Or, if you prefer, your spot can also be transferred to a friend. Unfortunately, we cannot refund cancellations less than 72 hours before a workshop.

Low Registration

Occasionally we may need to cancel a class dues to low registration. We will email 48 hours prior to the workshop to you to let you know about a cancellation. You will receive a full refund or a workshop credit (your choice) for any cancelled workshops.


Tea, water and snacks will be served at all workshops. Please feel free to bring your own food beyond that. On occasion, we will hold all-day workshops when bringing a bag-lunch would be a good idea.

Student Age

We plan workshops for people 14 years and up. However, many workshops will be appropriate for younger students working alongside their parent(s). Please contact us to inquire whether your child can attend any given workshop.


Parking varies depending on where the workshop is hosted. Please check the address ahead and leave plenty of time to park.


Your photograph may be taken while you are in a workshop. Hold Fast uses such photographs for marketing and social media. Please inform us ahead of time if you do not wish your photograph to be taken and used in this way.